Other Projects

hello world

I’ve been known to dabble in a few other areas, in particular entrepreneurship and software development.

My programming experience covers a variety of platforms and languages, including Ruby, Python, and Javascript. Naturally, a lot my work in those languages involves web development, but I’ve been known to hack on a few other types of projects as well.

I’m a strong believer in open-source. If it weren’t for free languages and libraries I’d never have picked up programming as a hobby, much less a vocation. By working as a community, we can create robust and secure applications for the betterment of society.

My largest project so far was co-founding and developing Teloga.com, a CRM for collegiate music organizations which operated from 2011-2015. It was built on Ruby on Rails (previously Django) and AngularJS. I’ve also done technology consulting for organizations such as the AU Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the National Museum of Mathematics.

My GitHub has a bunch of my repos if you want to see what I’m working on. You can also check out my CV.