Team Bill the Cat wins EPP16

thanks to everyone over the years

Posted by Steven Clontz on March 28, 2016

Team Bill the Cat

I took home a first place trophy for Eric’s Puzzle Party 16: DeCAThlon III last weekend.

This was a big acheivement for myself, so please pardon the following bragging. Out of the last five Auburn community puzzlehunts (2013-present), I’ve been on every winning team. This is the longest streak in community history by two wins. This also put my trophy total to six, catching up with community leaders Mark Brady and Tracy Cobbs.

This seems as good a place to stop as anywhere, or at least take a break from being a competitor in Auburn community events. Since I’ve recused myself, Eric’s told me a bit about his vision for EPP17. I think it could be his best theme yet, so I’m excited for everyone who will tackle it next spring.

I’m not the strongest puzzler in the community by a long shot. However, I may have put the most effort into the game in terms of preparation and organization in the past four years. This includes several aspects, not least of which is the usage of technology in puzzling. I’m not simply referring to writing code for cracking some puzzles, but also in facilitating the management of a top puzzling team. This doesn’t begin to cover it, but I’ll remark that if you haven’t adopted Google Drive and Google Hangouts in a significant way, you’re holding yourself back.

But the main key to my success is no secret: I think I’ve had the best teammates that anyone could have chosen over the past four years. My trohpies are due to the following puzzlers who put up with my shinanigans leading up to and including every game day.

  • Daniel Brice (APP3)
  • Patrick Buckingham (APP6)
  • Alex Byaly (APP3)
  • Jonathan Clark (APP3)
  • Jessica Clontz (APP3, life)
  • James Dabbs (APP3, EPP13, EPP15, EPP16)
  • Paul Daniel (EPP14)
  • Robert Ford (EPP14)
  • Julie Gaddy (EPP14, EPP15)
  • Steve Gaddy (EPP14, EPP15, EPP16)
  • Chad Gregerson (EPP16)
  • Jessica Godwin (EPP13)
  • Kelly Bragan Guest (APP3)
  • Tim Hardwick (EPP14)
  • Brent Harrison (EPP16)
  • Charles McPillan (APP3, APP6)
  • Erin McPillan (APP6)
  • Diego Medina (EPP14)
  • Rex Miller (EPP14, EPP15, EPP16)
  • Andrew Owens (APP6)
  • Amy Steinkampf (EPP13, EPP16)
  • Calvin Thomas (EPP13)
  • Scott Varagona (APP3, EPP13)
  • Anna Wan (APP3)

Thanks so much to all of you.

Also, thanks to Eric Harshbarger and Mike Hollingsworth for taking leadership over all the events I’ve had the pleasure to compete in at Auburn. It means so much to us players that you’ve donated so much time to creating these fun and challenging events. I look forward to seeing the community continue to grow over the coming years.

While I’m taking off the gloves for now, I look forward to contributing/organizing several puzzle events in the coming year, both in Auburn and abroad. Stay tuned to this site and my Twitter for updates!