MAA MathFest 2023

for those who will and won't be there

Posted by Steven Clontz on July 27, 2023

It’s wild that it’s 2023 and there’s no official virtual option for participation in MAA’s 2023 MathFest hosted in Tampa! N.B. this open letter to the MAA.

I’m obligated to be there for many reasons, so I’ll use this space to share how I hope to serve those who cannot be there in person, but may be interested in my contributions to the meeting.

Project NExT / Outcomes-based grading

I’m not a Project NExTer myself, but I’ve been asked to help them out with a couple of activities focused on outcomes-based grading.

The MAA has provided an open Google Drive where I’ll post all my resources for these activities.

The PROSE Consortium exhibit booth

Most of my time will be spent in the Exhibit Hall, booth 107, representing The PROSE Consortium of open-source educational technologies and resources.

For information on virtual engagement with our booth through our Zoom dropin link, keep an eye on the PreTeXt Announcement Google Group.

Our informational slideshow is available here.

Mathematical Puzzle Programs

I’m revealing our new poster for between 9:00-10:30am Eastern time on Thursday August 3rd at the Outreach Activities Poster Session at the Exhibit Hall. This poster will include three puzzles, paired with a website providing a PDF copy of the poster, a form to check solutions, and hints.

Earlier that morning I will add a link to that website here.

Team-Based Inquiry Learning Resource Library

I’m giving a short talk demonstrating how to adopt to implement Team-Based Inquiry Learning for single-variable Calculus or Linear Algebra. This will take place 2:40-2:55pm Eastern time on Thursday August 3rd (in Room 115/116 for those there in person).

Barring technical difficulties, I plan to simulcast this presentation at