STDC 2018 Livestream

live video and schedule

With the help of a couple of my students, I volunteered to provide a livestream of many talks from this conference, with a focus on talks from the set-theoretic topology special session and plenary talks. Speakers from the special session and plenary speakers not included below requested not to be recorded.

Visit the conference website for more information, including abstracts.

Since several people have expressed an interest in duplicating my efforts for future topology research events, let me point you to Online Streaming in Mathematics, my resource for supporting such events. Short version: you probably already have access to a video camera and a sufficiently powerful laptop, so you just need to get the cables to connect them, some free open-source software, and a couple students to press the few buttons necessary to start/stop the stream.

Archive of talks

Links to the archived streams are available below. A full YouTube playlist is available as well.

Wed March 14

Thu March 15

Fri March 16

Sat March 17