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I’m happy to have had the opportunity to publish a few books of puzzles. Information on these books is below, or you can check out my Amazon profile.

Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults


It’s only logical―boost your brainpower with more than 130 logic puzzles for adults.

It’s time to give your mental muscles a real workout! Stuffed full of clever and cunning challenges, this collection of logic puzzles for adults is perfect for puzzlers looking to prove (and improve) their skill.

Featuring a variety of puzzle types―including Sudoku, Masyu, Logic Grids, and Nonograms―these easy-to-understand (but tough-to-solve) puzzles will help keep your mind sharp as you remain engaged and entertained for days to come. Brainpower on!

This exciting book of logic puzzles for adults includes:

  • 130+ puzzles―Find a plethora of logic puzzles for adults all packed into one portable package.
  • True brain-busters―Stretch your abilities with puzzles that are designed to be tough―even for master puzzlers!
  • Plenty of options―Banish boredom with several types of puzzles, including math-focused Calcudoku and innovative Cryptic Puzzles that require both code breaking and creative thinking.

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Do the Math: Challenging, Fun Math Puzzles for Kids


Learning math is a blast with this awesome collection of interactive activities! Whether it’s a cunning cryptogram waiting to be decoded or some sudoku that needs to be solved, these clever challenges will teach kids just how awesome and engaging math can be.

Over the course of more than 100 math puzzles for kids ages 8-12, young learners will add, subtract, multiply, divide, and logic their way to the solutions for these mathematical marvels. They’ll build the core math skills needed to succeed in school and beyond―while having tons of fun!

This collection of math puzzles for kids ages 8-12 features:

  • Different puzzle types―Kids will explore math from every angle with patterns, logic puzzles, sudoku, cryptograms, and more.
  • Progressive challenges―Each chapter focuses on one type of puzzle, starting simple and getting harder as they go, helping kids avoid frustration and see how far they’ve come.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions―Short and simple instructions make sure the only tough part of these math puzzles for kids ages 8-12 is figuring out the answer.

Help kids build logical thinking skills with these amazing math puzzles for kids ages 8-12.

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